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Aqueous new offices July 2014

We are so excited; the team are fit to burst!

Just three days to go before we move offices and the fabulous team at Aqueous have pulled out all the stops. Not only have we had the best week ever in terms of output but the team have also found time to completely wire up our new office with Cat 5 cabling.

In case you are wondering what it’s going to look like, here is the new space before we fill it with all our rubbish!

Aqueous new offices July 2014

All we need now is the internet and phones moving on Friday and we are away.

So fingers crossed for a smooth move – we’ll let you know how it goes!

Aqueous Digital Offices July 2014

Aqueous are moving….again!

It only seems like five minutes ago that I was writing about the fact that we needed to move offices as we had run out of space. Even as I wrote “Growth of the business over recent months has meant that we can no longer continue in our cozy home and we are moving to a bigger office” I wondered if it was the right thing to do as it was a major commitment just doubling the size of the office. In fact it was the end of June 2013 when we actually moved offices.

Just over twelve months on and I find myself sat here writing again that we have run out of space and need to move – again.

Over the past year we have had an extraordinary time adding on new staff members, expanding the skillsets of the business and bringing in more new customers than ever before whilst retaining those that have been with us from the start. Search Engine Optimisation has moved on but the principles we started with are still holding true; namely that there is no short cut and the job is about professional marketing, not about how you can cheat the index with a dodgy back linking strategy.

We’ve added three new websites to our portfolio; www.linksremoval.co.uk , this one www.aqueous-digital.co.uk and www.aqueous-ppc.co.uk to add to our original site www.aqueous-seo.co.uk and have another two in the pipeline as well. This on top of the client sites we’ve built and worked on as well.

So next Friday 1st August we will be moving to our new home, still on The Heath Business & Technical Park but to an office more than double the size of the one we are in today.

We are still eschewing the ‘glass and chrome’ offices as our view remains the same; we need functionality not fancy offices and it’s more important to deliver value to our customers than to have shiny offices to impress them.

So please bear with us over the next couple of weeks as we prepare to move, cable up our new offices and then finally move a week on Friday. We are hoping to make this a seamless process and will keep you informed on our progress.

The Evil of Negative SEO

Negative SEO does exist and here’s the proof

One of the most asked questions from clients over the last few months has been “Do you think we have been hit by negative SEO?” Our standard response has always been “No” as to date we have not seen a clear example of negative SEO hitting any our client’s sites.

Whilst negative SEO has gained a lot of coverage over recent months it has mostly been from people with a bad backlink profile looking to find an excuse for their site’s poor performance.

This morning however one of our client sites received an “Unnatural Links” notification in Webmaster Tools. Given that we haven’t been link building for this client or site and we know that they haven’t then this was a bit of a surprise.

Here’s the graphs and what they show is that in the last three weeks the client has magically acquired over 150,000 new backlinks from over 500 referring domains.
Negative SEO Referring Domains Negative SEO Backlinks

If that wasn’t strange enough then a quick look at the anchor text reveals that virtually all of them include the word ‘valium’. Given that our client has nothing to do with Pharmaceuticals or medications then it’s no surprise that they received an Unnatural links warning. Add to this the fact that all the links pointed to the home page and it’s clearly a crude attack on their site.

As you can see from the graphs this site has built no links at all; ever. They managed to naturally acquire just over 200 links in the last five years before the link spike on the graph.

So we have our first clear example of negative SEO. As to who has done this there is probably no way of finding out but we do know that Google has stated that they won’t penalise sites that have been hit in this way.

This type of behaviour is rare and more often than not the client has previously engaged and SEO firm, usually the cheapest available, and they have built the links they were paid to build. These links are now coming home to roost as the short cuts that were taken, sometimes many years ago, are turning into toxic links which need removing.

Just this week we have launched our new site offering exactly this service; a manual clean up operation on the worst offending links in your profile. Matt Cutts says it is essential and we have seen first hand just how devastating this is to established site. So if you have a backlink profile that needs some help then take a look at www.linksremoval.co.uk as we may be able to help.

Meanwhile, the reconsideration request will be going in this afternoon so we will soon see if Google is true to its word that it won’t penalise sites that suffer this fate…..