Why is copywriting necessary?

From Day One, people used the web to find information. Which is good news if you have a product or service to sell.

Why?  Because it presents an opportunity.  Focus on providing information, not a sales pitch, and see what happens over time to your bottom line.

If a new visitor to your site leaves with useful information, freely given, about the field you operate in, a relationship has been created. If you continue to provide valuable content, and they read it, you will establish your expertise, support your brand and increase the chances they will buy from you.

Such content marketing also does wonders for your SEO as visitors stay longer on your site, view more pages and download information, all of which Google loves.

Some good reasons to use content marketing:

  • Boosts brand awareness and positions it as a leader
  • Builds identity as trusted expert.
  • Encourages your customer to take action.
  • Keeps your website fresh.
  • Delivers quality lead generation
  • Meets desire for more information
  • Improves SEO
  • Social media feeds on your content marketing

All users of the Aqueous Digital Virtual Marketing Manager programme can subscribe for content services including article writing and blog posts.

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