Email Marketing

Why is Email Marketing a big deal?

Everyone moans about email. They get too much. It never stops. How can they read it all?

So you may be surprised to know that email still provides a higher ROI than most other marketing channels and remains the preferred communication channel for many companies and individuals.

So you can’t afford to ignore it, but you must ensure your emails stand out in a crowded market place. Get it right and it can deliver your message effectively and build credibility.

Some reasons to use email marketing:

  • Larger reach than any social channel
  • Drives action and conversions
  • Strengthens relationships
  • An open platform (you don’t have to pay Google to use it)
  • Reaches people no matter what device or platform they are on
  • Allows you to test new ideas
  • Gives you immediate feedback

Aqueous Digital are experts at designing and managing email campaigns and will run between four and 52 campaigns a year for you, as part of our Virtual Marketing Manager service, depending on which package you subscribe to.

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Email Marketing wherever your customers are