The aim of all good Marketing is to drive a return on investment. So, when we were approached by this customer the aim was simple;

“Help us drive organic sales from our e-commerce website.”Business Growth through SEO

We started work on the website in July 2013 when they were getting just 672 visits a week to their website and selling less than £20,000 a year online.

Our strategy was simple;

  1. Agree a Digital Marketing strategy that would target the correct audience
  2. Create a content strategy to deliver the message
  3. Optimise the website to ensure visitors delivered sales

At the outset, we stressed two things to them.

Firstly, that SEO and Digital Marketing is not an overnight fix.

Secondly, that the strategy we would use was perfectly in line with Google’s advice to Webmasters and we were not going to follow the crowd and simply buy links.

Back in 2013 Google was busy releasing Panda and Penguin updates penalising lack of content and poor linking practices respectively. We took the view, thankfully supported by our customer, that it would be better to create something that would engage real users.

After all, Google doesn’t buy products, people do.

Over the next twelve months, we focused on creating great content which would resonate with people who needed their products.

At the end of year one, we had achieved a 28% increase in organic traffic.

But as we were working closely together we both knew that the real benefit was yet to come.

We knew that the content we had created was gaining traction. It was being shared on social media and being naturally linked to by people who found that their products were the perfect solution.

We could see the rise in organic traffic month on month and we knew there was more to come.

Over the next year, we continued to grow their content base and the traffic grew as well.

Organic Sales growth through SEO

390% growth in Organic Traffic over three years, all through SEO

By the end of the second year we had recorded a massive 138% growth in weekly organic traffic and by the end of year three, it was up another 58%.

By February 2016 they shipped more orders in a month than they did in their first year of trading.

In total, we have driven a 390% uplift in weekly organic traffic over three years and it shows no signs of slowing down.

This customer now serves not only the UK market but also exports to the USA and Europe with Australia next on the list.


From the base we helped create, they can literally conquer the world.


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