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The magic of combining SEO and PPC together to deliver more sales to your business

Did you know that by running SEO and PPC campaigns together you could double your conversions overnight?

We use this strategy with so many customers that it seems hard to conceive of anyone doubting the validity of this but if you are still doubting that there is a benefit, take a look at this infographic from CJG Digital Marketing in the Philippines, who have neatly summed up the main advantages.

One of the main benefits, of course, is that with PPC you actually get to see the keyword data which is routinely hidden in Organic search and this alone is generally worth the cost of the PPC campaign. This data is hugely useful for optimising the main pages on your website as you get to see what people are really typing into search engines.

Does this list make sense or have you got any others you can add to it? Let us know in the comments underneath.

10 Amazing Results of Combining SEO and PPC (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

If you need help with your PPC campaign then call us on 0800 285 1424 and let us review your campaign for free.

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20 simple tips to optimise your PPC campaigns

Targeting the people who want the products or services you sell is fundamental to online marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way of doing this.

The problem, however, is that far too many business owners are seduced by the Google ‘free money’ offer and give it a go, only to be disappointed. Before they know it they’ve burned through hundreds of pounds (or dollars) of cash with nothing to show for it.

Sound familiar?

If you can relate to this then perhaps the following infographic from Marketing Infographics might help.

Published in 2015, we like this one as it has 20 actionable tips at the bottom which can help you to focus on what is important and make a difference to your PPC campaigns.

Get it right and it can be the difference between burning cash and making a profit.

Remember, PPC adverts appear at the top far more frequently than organic results and almost half of searchers can’t tell the difference between paid and organic adverts.

So go on, give PPC a try and if you have already tried and found it didn’t work then speak to a Google Partner agency like us and let us help you turn your fortunes around


The Evil of Negative SEO

Site not fast enough? Forget your PPC campaign

It’s been a week of novelties from Google so far and this one is a peach.

A client with a brand new website had its PPC campaign blocked as Google deemed that the page load speed was too slow.


When we took a look at it for the client it became apparent that a single high res image was slowing things down but as this is compressed to a small image on mobile we were astonished.

In days gone by anyone could set up a PPC campaign as long as they had a relevant site or page to land it on but apparently now you have to get past the quality police as well. Have Google simply got so much money now that they can afford to turn down PPC campaigns?

There are sites out there right now running PPC that are slow, no matter whether you try and access them on a desktop, tablet or mobile. In particular the mobile experience has always been difficult as the majority of the UK live a long way from any 4G or even 3G coverage. Even so we all know that when your only link to the outside world is GPRS you just wait a little longer.

Now however it seems that you can’t even advertise your business if they don’t like the look of your site.

One thing is certain, no matter who you are and how big you are you have to play by Google’s rules or they can and will turn off the enquiries to your business.

How Google changes could kill your PPC

You may have noticed Google’s new Search Engine Results Page layout, which went live across the UK on 4th March 2014, which clearly separates the organic search results from the paid listings with a new ‘Ad’ icon.

Tablets - Google AdThis update, although seemingly harmless has actually had an impact on PPC campaigns, with advertisements for some keywords no longer appearing alongside the organic listings on the right hand site, but rather only 2 or 3 ads at the top and 1 ad at the bottom – similar to what has been in place on mobile for a while.

This lower page location for ads at position 3-4 will mean a substantially lower click through rate, as we already know that people rarely venture beyond the top few results. We have instantly noticed a negative impact on one of our clients, who’s 2 competitors take positions 1 and 2 at the top of the page, pushing his ad to the very bottom of the page in position 3. 

terbinafine adThis has seen their click through drop substantially from around 4% to below 1%.

Not only can we see that Amazon clearly need to do something about their ad placements, as swallowing one of their tablets might actually be harmful, but also this fundamentally changes the game for PPC.

Whilst we expect that there will be teething troubles with this new system, and in fact we have already seen today examples of where Google is pulling in Latin filler text on its ad network, it is clear that to be successful requires significantly greater focus on your PPC campaign than before.

As Google currently derives over 85% of its global revenues from its ad network, they will be looking to ensure not only that it is robust but also that it delivers additional and incremental revenues from this change.

Essentially this means that ad positions will now be more important than ever, with the top 2-3 places receiving a hefty chunk of the clicks through and lower positions suffering huge drop offs due to the lower placement on the page. Of course this means people will be bidding more aggressively to achieve these higher positions, which in turn means higher cost per clicks and ultimately more profit for Google!

Aqueous Digital celebrate gaining Google Partner status

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce today that Aqueous Digital have gained another massive milestone in our Company development by becoming a Google Partner Agency.


google-partner-badgeThe Google partner programme is designed to help businesses of any size find a trusted online expert to help them with their Digital Marketing. You can choose by geographic location, sector or spend and choose from a range of firms to help you grow your business.

Aqueous are particularly pleased to have qualified for this programme as we are one of only eight firms currently in the Northwest of UK who are accredited to meet these Google standards.

The awards means that we are recognised by Google as professional providers of SEO and PPC help to any size of business.

Aqueous are able to help with a range of products and services from buying a domain name and hosting your website on our secure servers, through website design and build to PPC Management, SEO services and Digital Marketing Consultancy. Whatever your needs you can now be reassured that we are accredited by Google.

Huge thanks must go to the entire team for professionalism and helping to make this happen.

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