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Today, Google controls 92% of the Global Search Market so you need to ensure your ads are optimised not just for your users, but for Google.

Irrelevant advertisements, unchecked cash burn and poor targeting mean most PPC campaigns simply waste money. Do yours? Are you simply giving Google money for nothing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a powerful driver of traffic to your website, and if you’re not using services like Google Ads you are potentially missing out. But you need to know your way around PPC to get the most out of it, and we do. Google, Bing, Facebook; we know them all.

Google advertising is designed to be straight-forward for any small business to get up and live within five minutes. Many businesses choose to do just that, and owners often spend a considerable amount of time each day working on their Google Ads accounts.

However, PPC is a bit like a DIY power tool. If you’re new to it, you can make a lot of expensive mistakes. But in the right hands, it can be a big help.

Essentially, Google Ads uses internet advertising to direct traffic to websites. You place your ad on somewhere like Google and pay every time someone clicks on the ad.

So far, so good; but creating an effective ad, and then getting sufficient return on your investment is not quite so simple. For this, you need someone like Aqueous Digital, a qualified Google Ads partner.

Using Google Ads quickly generates traffic to your website. It can ensure you’re always near the top of search results for a variety of keywords, and is a way to establish yourself as a significant operator in your chosen field with a secure place at the top of the search results. This can help your business appear a serious player.

Some of our customers get up to 80% of all their business every month from Google Ads and Google Shopping. To be successful however, it requires you to have a large enough budget to rank highly on Google for a broad range of keywords.

Some of the clicks you pay for will also come from competitors in your field or locality, and from marketing companies who work for them. Each of those will reduce the amount available for clicks from genuine potential customers.

A word of warning; it pays to be careful about who you ask to create and manage your Google Ads account. Many business owners find out that they have no control over theirs, and consequently their ongoing input is limited and not transferable.

Pay-Per-Click isn’t an instant solution, but if it’s done well, you retain the right of access your account, and if your budget is both big enough and used wisely, it can generate effective results.

At Aqueous, we will build the right campaigns for your needs, ensure you receive the optimal cost per click for your ad spend and closely analyse your clicks and conversions. We will also integrate your PPC campaign with your SEO for a total customer experience.

We’ve been a certified Google Partner since 2013 so we know how to optimise your Google Ads campaigns to achieve maximum impact and return-on-investment.

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