What we do

Despite what you may hear, it isn’t rocket science…


Pay Per Click can be a powerful driver of traffic to your website, and if you’re not using services like Google AdWords you are potentially missing out. But you need to know your way around PPC to get the most out of it, and we do. Google, Bing, Facebook; we know them all

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You want to rank at the top of Google, so we are dedicated to getting the best organic results for your business. Starting with a clear strategy we ensure your website is tuned up and ready to go. Oh, and we do it all in plain English so you know what’s what.

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Website Design

So you get more people looking at your site, but how do you get them to stay, revisit, link to it, etc? You provide regular, relevant, stimulating and therefore valued content. Easier said than done unless, like us, you have a team of expert copywriters.

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Social Media

It’s vital that you integrate social media use within your overall Digital Marketing strategy. You may not use it, but your customers definitely do. We help by managing your social media channels and daily posts keeping you engaged with your customers

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Content Marketing

“Content is King” we are constantly told. But what does this actually mean in today’s digital environment? The good news is that we’ve worked on content strategies since before it became a buzz word, so we’re well versed in what it takes to make your website rank.

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Reputation Management

All it takes is one careless post, tweet or sentence and the power of the internet can be turned on its head. When Google carries stories about you that you’d rather not see, what can you do? Talk to us and see the difference it can make to your online presence.

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Call us on 0800 285 1424 or email us at agency@aqueous-digital.co.uk to have a chat about what our Virtual Marketing Manager packages can do for your business.