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Digital marketing has changed!

Digital Marketing shouldn’t be this difficult; really. The problem is that for too long it’s simply been about how many links you could buy from the cheapest source, and lots of bigger firms grew on the back of that process.

In 2013 Google clamped down hard on link buying, changing their advice to webmasters from ‘creating content that people will link to’ to ‘creating content that people will like and share’. This subtle change in wording marks a seismic shift in the way Google views websites and how they rank them in search.

There’s a good chance that your website has been hit by these changes; pushing you down or out of the rankings for keywords that used to deliver great enquiries and real revenues. In their place you can probably see sites that you’ve never heard of before, news stories, review sites and most importantly, more of Google’s paid channels.

How has Digital Marketing changed?

Oddly enough, it hasn’t really changed. What has changed is people’s perception of what Digital Marketing is or should be.  For too long the terms SEO and Digital Marketing have been seen to be interchangeable but in reality this was never the case.

What is our approach to Digital Marketing?

Our approach is quite unique. We start by asking you to imagine that the internet doesn’t exist. Now try describing your Marketing plan. It’s not that easy, is it?

We specialise in helping you understand what a ‘real’ Marketing plan looks like, and then assessing which Digital Channels you should be using to help you reach your prospective customers.

To find out more why not call us? We’re happy to help and easy to talk to. We’ll give you a free, no nonsense, honest assessment of your current website and Marketing plans and help you to see what the future could really look like.

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