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Digital Marketing For Law Firms

So, you’re running a successful legal practice. Would you like more A-list clients?


Plenty of spare time to find them?

No, we didn’t think so.

Legal Marketing

This is the point where someone says ‘try digital marketing’.

And here’s the thing…despite what you may hear, DM isn’t rocket science. But someone has to do it.  The principles are not difficult to understand but do you really have the time or resources within your company to do DM justice?

That’s why we’ve created our Aqueous Packages, where you get a team of highly skilled people to make sure all the planning, creativity and attention to detail that makes DM work gets done day in, day out, leaving you to focus on growing your practice.

We have five packages to suit your company size and requirements. They range from Digital Five, giving you the equivalent of an in-house Senior Marketing Manager, to Digital One for those who only need input at marketing intern level.

These key DM activities are included in the different packages:

  • SEO – we are dedicated to getting the best organic results for your business and avoiding penalties from Google. We produce and execute clear, sustainable link building strategies for your business.
  • Social Media – it’s vital that you integrate social media use within your overall DM strategy. Our Virtual Marketing Manager does this, managing your social media channels and daily posts.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click can be a powerful driver of traffic to your website, and if you’re not using services like Google AdWords you are potentially missing out. But you need to know your way around PPC to get the most out of it, and as Google Partners, we do.
  • Content Marketing – so you get more people looking at your site, but how do you get them to stay, revisit, link to it, etc. You provide regular, relevant, stimulating and therefore valued content. Easier said than done unless, like us, you have a team of expert copywriters.
  • Email Marketing – if you’ve got a new product or service, it’s good to be pro-active in a planned, strategic way, and project your message through an email marketing campaign. All of our Aqueous Virtual Marketing Manager packages include this service.

We offer each service individually but, to be honest, you need to use them all, in an integrated strategy, to really see the sparks fly!

Feel free to call us on 0800 285 1424 or email us at hello@aqueous-digital.co.uk to see how Aqueous Digital can make a positive difference to your business.