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Emma launches book The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother

Meet Emma, our very own Director of Sales Operations and the Godmother that grants the wish of women wanting to know the truth about menopause.

Emma’s mission is to change the conversation about ladies’ life change and inspire them to thrive.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Emma Guy’s treatment – which included surgery – meant she went through menopause earlier than most. At 46, it happened almost overnight.

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So now Emma is using that experience to help women like her.

And there are a lot of them; on any day, week or month in the UK, around 13 million women are starting or finishing the menopause.

As an acupuncturist, Emma has treated the symptoms of hundreds over the past decade.

Her debut book, The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother, shares knowledge she has gained during her own journey as well as from conversations with others at different stages of theirs.

Fit to burst with advice and practical suggestions of how to navigate a life change that is still not talked about enough, it also provides reassurance and empathy.

Hers is not the only voice; a broad range of professionals – experts in nutrition, exercise, psychology and style to name but a few – explain how their expertise can assist too.

“Emma has written a book that is very different from the usual preaching of ‘wear cotton’, ‘stop drinking’, and ‘curry is not your friend’,” said Estelle Maher, a contemporary fiction author.

“Instead, it opens a whole new world into alternative therapies to uneducated people like me.

“With clear detail on how alternative therapies work, it gives women the confidence to explore these avenues from those who deliver them.”

The Menopausal Godmother, conceived during the first lockdown in England of the coronavirus pandemic after Emma’s award-winning acupuncture clinic was forced to close temporarily, started as a Facebook page last summer.

Complemented since by a private group and a website, it is a safe space for ladies to find solidarity as well as access advice.

Emma added: “I know us women like to confide in each other.

“And creating a place where we can do so without judgement, or fear of stigma, has truly been uplifting.”

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Emma Guy’s book is the No1 best seller in the Acupuncture category on Amazon and can be purchased from today.

Purchase ‘The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother’ online with free delivery from Blackwells

Purchase ‘The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother’ online from Waterstones

Purchase ‘The Wisdoms of the Menopausal Godmother’ on Amazon

Visit Emma’s Menopausal Godmother website

Visit Emma’s award-winning clinic website, Acupuncture that Works




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