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SEO for the Automotive Industry

SEO for the Automotive Industry

We can help your garage, workshop or motor factor parts business raise its profile and increase sales revenue

The UK automotive industry is worth a staggering £82 billion and adds £18.6 billion to the UK economy. There are 168,000 people employed directly in manufacturing and 823,000 across the wider industry. There are also over 2,500 component providers and 21,000 independent garages and repair workshops.

British cars are among the best maintained in the world, with motorists spending a total of £21 billion a year on servicing and repair. The UK aftermarket is huge, diverse and highly competitive and with 35 million cars on UK roads, the need for maintenance and spare parts is in high demand.


One of the main challenges for independent garages and parts suppliers is that main dealers often wrongly lead the public to believe they need to get their car serviced and repaired by them. In reality, a car, irrespective of its age can be serviced at any garage and the warranty won’t be voided if they use OE parts. Additionally, Independent garages, generally offer better value for money too – parts and labour costs at independent outlets can be up to 65% cheaper.

We know that many parts of the sector are still quite antiquated, relying on paperwork and word of mouth with very little modern technology. This is changing rapidly due to customer expectations, demand and the widespread use of smartphones.

When a member of the public needs’ car repairs, they generally do a local Google search and call round the first few business on the top of list. 75% of searchers click one of the first three links and 90% never venture past the first page. If your business isn’t on that list, you could be losing out to competitors in your local area. This is where Aqueous can help.

In fact, recent research has revealed 85% of consumers have searched for local business online and over 50% of them contacted that business the same day.

Aqueous Digital are specialist in paid and organic search. We have a proven track record of success helping grass roots local businesses rank better on Google search. Give us a call today, we’d keen to talk to you about how we could help you grow your business.

We offer a free website audit and a free 30-minute Zoom call where our digital specialists will provide friendly and confidential marketing advice.

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After using another company for seven months and seeing no results, I would highly recommend Aqueous Digital if you want to improve and grow your business.”

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