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What is digital marketing?

So, what exactly is Digital Marketing and what is it doing here in Widnes?

Well, as the name implies Digital Marketing is just good old fashioned marketing that is applied to any digital device. So from personal computers and tablets through mobile phones to games consoles; if it is digital it comes under digital.

Often referred to as ‘Internet Marketing’,‘Online Marketing’ or more recently,‘Search Engine Marketing’, Digital Marketing can sometimes be presented as a daunting prospect. This needn’t be the case. If you strip away the jargon that accompanies it then at the heart is still good old fashioned marketing principles.

Yes, it still all boils down to having the right product at the right price, available when people want it and finding great ways to tell customers about it.

In days gone by you might consider placing an advert in the local Widnes paper or placing an advert in a directory to get some business. Depending on what you were selling it may be worth investing in a radio campaign to let people know what you are selling and why they should buy it from you. You may have created a Direct Mail campaign and posted letters to potential prospects. Whatever you chose to do the aim was the same; get your firm in a position where it could be noticed by potential customers and give them reasons to buy from you.

Digital Marketing Trends

Depending on who you believe these days it can be either incredibly hard or incredibly easy to promote your business online. For some businesses it seems to be a breeze; they have a great website, Google loves it and they rank highly for the keywords that deliver customers. For other companies, it is a nightmare. The site looks awful, customers hate it, Google doesn’t rank it and it delivers no business.

Oddly enough the difference between these two states can be down to something as simple as working with someone who understands Search Engine Marketing in all its guises.

So if you need to promote your business in Widnes then a great starting point would be to talk to a firm that understands Marketing and how this applies to Digital Channels. After all the trends today are towards smartphone and tablets and more and more people consume richer media on the go. If you want to break through this noise you need some help.

At Aqueous we have a track record of helping firms like yours make sense of the Digital marketplace. We work closely with all our clients to help them understand where to look for their potential customers and more importantly how to get them. We work with you to help you rank for the long term and deliver sustainable business both now and in the future.

To find out more about how you can succeed online with your Digital Marketing call us today on 0800 285 1424.