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SEO in the Education & Training Sector

SEO in the Education & Training Sector

We can help you to recruit more students to your college, university or independent training centre

Online search has now become the go-to tool students use when they are deciding which educational establishment to apply to. This is especially true for adults looking to gain professional qualifications, learn a new skill, further their career, increase salary or improve their employment prospects.

Google’s own research suggests that 83% of searches start without naming a specific institution. For example, a student is more likely to search for ‘Business Degree in Manchester’ rather than ‘Degrees at the University of Manchester’. It is therefore critical to ensure your school, college or university optimises their website and its content. This will ensure you rank well on Google and your prospective students can easily find all the information they need to decide where they’d like to study.

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The education sector in the UK is now a highly competitive marketplace. More students than ever before are going on to study degrees at universities, and a significant drop in the number of 16 -24 year olds as a whole, has created more aggressive competition within the HE and FE sectors.

A growth in the number of independent training and apprenticeship providers has also changed the dynamics of the sector, providing greater choice for students and employees wanting to upskill their staff.

Aqueous Digital are specialists in digital marketing and search engine optimisation for student recruitment and the education sector. If you are a school, FE college, university or independent training provider, we will be able to help you increase your website traffic and boost your student numbers.

We have specialists in our team that have worked directly within the education sector and have a successful track record of running award winning student recruitment campaigns.

We know all too well the challenges you face with funding cuts and greater competition, but with the right targeted digital marketing strategy in place, we can help you rank better on Google and help you increase the number of students applying and enrolling at your institution or training centre.



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