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Introducing Katie

Katie, Digital Marketing Assistant, Aqueous Digital


Katie is the latest recruit to our rapidly expanding specialist digital marketing team. She joins Aqueous as Digital Marketing Assistant, having recently achieved straight As in her A-levels and been accepted onto a 4-year degree apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at the University of Central Lancashire.

Katie has taken the sensible decision to study for her degree through an apprenticeship route. This will enable her to build-up practical hands-on experience of working in the digital marketing sector at the same time as learning all the academic knowledge and skills taught through a tradition university degree course.

“What I’m looking forward to most, is being able to use a combination of both my course and experience of working full-time at Aqueous to learn more about digital marketing.

Marketing is one of those industries where it is often better to learn on the job by actually doing it. I’m also going to be able to understand why it’s important and the impact is has through what I’m learning at university.

I’m really excited to be able to meet people at university who will be working for different companies and seeing how they apply the course to their own roles.  For many students on the course, this will be our first full-time role, so it’s going to be great, being able to share experiences and support each other.”

When asked about her first impressions of working at Aqueous, Katie said: “The best thing by far about Aqueous is the team. As this was my first full time job, I was really nervous about starting and being the newbie, but the team have made me feel so welcome and took me in straight away!

I’m looking forward to learning from everyone in the team and can’t wait to find out more about all the different aspects that go into the work that they do.”

Outside of work and studying, Katie loves to spend most weekends at her family caravan in the Lake District.  When she’s not in the Lakes, she loves socialising with her friends and looking after her dog, Mo, who is apparently the laziest dog in the world!

The whole team at Aqueous are really looking forward to working with Katie, showing her how we approach digital marketing and SEO with our customers, and hopefully learning some new skills and knowledge from Katie through her degree studies.

A very warm and supportive welcome to the team!

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