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Introducing Matty

Matty Digital Marketing Assistant




Matty is the newest member of our specialist technical team. He joins Aqueous having recently achieved a First in his Masters Degree in Engineering at the University of Durham.

We asked Matty a few quick fire questions, so you can get to know him a bit better:



What is your role at Aqueous and what will that involve on a day-to-day basis?

I’m a Digital Market Assistant and part of the ‘Tech Team’. This means that over the next few weeks I’ll be building up an expertise in the world of SEO. Day-to-day will be anything technical, behind the scenes, improving a websites organic growth.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve recently graduated from Durham University with a Master’s Degree in Engineering (Renewable Energy). I found that I preferred the technical side of engineering (coding, problem solving, and computer science), which led me down the path to where I am now – the world of SEO.


What do you do for fun outside of work?

I love rock climbing, running and mountain climbing!


Who inspires you and why?

Has to be my Dad. Just an all-round great person to look up to.


What are you most looking forward to working at Aqueous?

It has to be the technical side of SEO. With my technical background in coding and computer science, I want to see what I can do to optimise the efficiency of the SEO process with the latest technologies available.


Are there any interesting facts about you people might not be aware of?

In University, I lived in a Castle!


Welcome to the team Matty!

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