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We’re friendly, down-to-earth, and eager to help with St Helens based SEO. We’ll even start out with a free, no-obligation audit and review of your website. We can then advise you on your best overall digital marketing strategy and the most effective SEO tactics to use.

SEO and the peculiarities of ranking geo pages for St Helens

SEO St Helens is a search phrase that someone like you is likely to type into a search engine like Google when you are looking for a business who provide SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services and are based in, or operate in, the St Helens area.

Now let’s be honest, this doesn’t happen that often, but as you are here let’s find out more about how this all works.

Even though this phrase is not typed into search engines that often, as it is quite a specific search query and if you have found this page then the chances are that you are based in or around St Helens and are looking for a company that can help you with SEO in the local area.

This type of approach to search queries is quite a traditional one, if such a thing can exist in a medium that has only been around for fifteen years.

In some respects, this will work but it doesn’t properly encompass the way people are now searching locally and how search engines deliver their results. All that has changed in the past year so read on and we will tell you how and why.

Searches with a location popped on the end really don’t receive the same volume as search terms without a location, but why? Search has, and continues to, evolve and adding ‘St Helens’ to the end of your search phrase is unlikely to generate vastly different search results.

This is because search doesn’t work the way you think it does. Even if your next-door neighbour searches for the same phrase as you do, it’s highly likely you’ll have different results.

Search engines don’t provide a result based purely on the search phrase. Instead, they use a variety of factors including your IP address, previous search history, frequency of searches, date of searches, and the device you’re using to search, to determine which results they should serve.

If you’re signed into your Google account, Google can also use any information from here to help generate results that you’re more likely to be interested in. Similarly, Google can also read your emails via your Gmail account for the same purpose. Slightly unsettling, right?

As Google’s search results are often device-specific, knowing which device to use to make your enquiries can make all the difference. For PCs and Mac devices, your IP address will be used to pinpoint your location (unless you’re signed into your Google account).

If you prefer to search using your mobile phone, you’ll need to sign into our Google account to give the search engine access to your GPS coordinates. With all this information readily available, Google can give you the very best search results based on your exact location.

Good question, however, Google actually assumes that won’t include location information in your search phrase now.

As of October 2014, following Google’s ‘Pigeon’ update, their algorithm was altered to ensure more locally based results were served for broad queries. For example, you could search the term ‘locksmith’ and you’d be presented with the top ten search results all with this term in their title.

However, because Google doesn’t know whether you’re searching for a nearby locksmith, locksmith job opportunities, or a locksmith training course, it may include a selection of results with varying intent.

Similarly, if you’re travelling on a train and type in the same search query, it’s highly likely you’ll receive results for locksmiths around your current location, the area you live, and your workplace – as these are all locations that Google associates you with.

Put simply, Google is trying to be as helpful as possible by using all accessible information to provide you with a selection of relevant results. As a result, while you no longer have to add a location to search query, it can prove to be incredibly helpful.

Local St Helens SEO

What can Aqueous do for my St Helens business?

If you’re in St Helens and looking for a company who can make a real difference to your SEO then we’d like to suggest you call us.


Well, here are five really good reasons.

  • We’re not in St Helens, we’re based in Runcorn. Now we know that hardly sounds like a reason to call us but really, it is. If it helps we can tell you we’re in ‘Greater Merseyside’ but either way we’re less than thirty minutes away.
  • We’re definitely not in city centre Manchester or Liverpool. This means that we don’t pay city centre rents, don’t have high overheads and don’t have any trouble parking in the morning!
  • We’re really good at SEO. We know most firms say that but let’s face it, if we weren’t any good then you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?
  • Because we have lower overheads, your money goes further with us. We don’t have fancy offices, we don’t drive fancy cars and we don’t have large expense accounts. We treat your money like it is our own and always strive to give you the very best return on your investment.
  • We’re different.

Why are we different? Quite simple really, we’re all about getting results for you. We don’t brag about the high profile clients we’ve got, don’t put links on your site to yours, don’t make useless promises of search engine domination and definitely don’t guarantee to get you to the top of Google for just £99.

So what do we do then? Well, first and foremost we get results. Our client list grows every month, primarily through referrals and recommendation. This is far and away our biggest and best source of business as there’s nothing quite like it.

We help clients across Lancashire, Cheshire, UK and Europe and quietly help them make a difference to their businesses by finding out what they want to achieve, and then we’ll assess the website and figure out why it isn’t currently performing.

We will always give a realistic view of the chances of succeeding in natural search and we’re happy to help businesses that are serious about online and want to grow.

We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to Google updates as we only know one way to do the job and that’s correctly in the first place. If you want your website to succeed in the Search Engine rankings then we can show you how to achieve it.

Our key is to start with a clear strategy and integrate this with your offline activity, so that your advertising money goes further and gains you additional business.

We work closely with all our clients to help them achieve what they want, and we do it all within a single agreed monthly fee. Like you, we don’t like nasty surprises so the one thing you won’t get from us is an invoice out of the blue for additional work.

So does all of this mean that we’re cheaper than other SEO firms?


With SEO you pay for time and experience and with a Chartered Marketer on board along with SEO experts, website builders, server specialists and content writers we have more than enough experience to make a difference to your online presence. What it does mean is that the budget you do have will go a lot further with us.

So if you are looking for an SEO company who are local, accountable and that can make the difference to your business today just pick up the phone and talk to us. We’re friendly, accessible and happy to help.

Call us now on 0800 285 1424 and start making a difference to your digital profitability.

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