Aqueous Digital

Staff Development,
Skills & Training

Trust, Loyalty and Collaboration (TLC) are core values that are central to our ethos at Aqueous. We stand by our caring, down-to-earth, ethical approach to business, but this does not just apply to our customers, we carry this through to how we treat our employees too.

In the UK, staff turnover in the digital marketing and creative sector is 20% higher than average.

At Aqueous Digital, we are different.

We place staff wellbeing, happiness, and personal development at the forefront of our business strategy.  We embrace the thinking that a happier, more motivated, and skilled team result in happier, more satisfied customers, as well as creating a great place to work. This principal is embedded in our overall company vision.

Over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in our team, spending far more than similar firms on training, wellbeing and benefits.

We also have an employee assistance programme on top of having a personal development plan for every one of our staff.

As an example, training programmes over the past year have included SEO and Google Ads, social media, time management and customer service, as well as personality profiling, awareness of the menopause, mental health, dealing with conflict, sales techniques and communications courses.

Many of our staff have taken the opportunity to study for formal qualifications in digital marketing and business management and we currently have a full-time apprentice within the team on a degree level apprenticeship in Accountancy.

To enhance wellbeing, we focus on increasing awareness of mental and physical health, fostering team support, as well as introducing yoga, reflexology and encouraging regular breaks and promoting the benefits of exercise, walks in the fresh air and enjoying green spaces.

Aqueous is a great place to work, where we ensure social and team bonding activities are given equal importance to our more formal development programmes.

Work-life balance is a big priority for us. Last year, we stepped up our staff investment even further and introduced flexible working options to assess the positive benefits this will bring to the business.

As a result of all this activity our staff retention, happiness and satisfaction levels are now at the highest level ever and staff training, and up-skilling forms an integral part of our culture.

We are a family business, but that family approach of looking after and trusting each other also extends to the whole team.

Don’t just take our word for it though, this is what our team have to say:

“I’ve worked for many top agencies over the past decade, but no matter how good the companies were there was always one thing lacking, which is so important and that is trust. From the moment I walked through the door the trust element was stressed to me and I was simply asked to go out and perform. Every day I wake up, I feel like I owe the company. This drives me to perform well and is a great feeling to have. Support is second to none.“

“Best thing about working for Aqueous is the ability to grow and develop with the full autonomy of the directors. I started two and a half months before covid lockdown and have been remote working ever since. We have changed and adapted quickly, introducing flexible working, half day finish on a Friday and the option to take a lunch break to get some fresh air whenever you can. Our team are trusted unreservedly, and this trust and collaboration from the whole organisation has meant we have succeeded and grown in what have been challenging times.”

“My favourite things about working at Aqueous is how close the team are – collaborating with each other and offering help and advice. Also the work-life balance Aqueous promotes with flexible working and extended lunches on sunny days for exercise.”

“I really admire the enthusiasm, drive and passion of my teammates. Our ethical approach to business and our focus on caring for the wellbeing of our staff also makes me feel good about working for such an amazing company with a bright future.”