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SEO for Transport & Logistics Businesses

SEO for Transport & Logistics Businesses

We can help you optimise your website to drive and deliver new business and increased sales

The Freight, Transport and Logistics sector is one of the largest industries in Europe, employing more than 7 million people and representing around 7% of the total GDP.

Brexit in 2021 is set to have a significant impact on the market as a whole as there will be restrictions placed on the movement of goods between the UK and the EU.

Technical developments and stricter environmental policies over the coming decades are also expected to push companies to adapt to new innovative ways of shipping goods through ports.

As a result of the growth in eCommerce, ‘last mile logistics’ are predicted to become a highly competitive marketplace as companies amend their operations in order to deliver the best and fastest possible customer service.


In this highly competitive industry, it is important that you choose a digital marketing company, that you can trust to deliver results.

Aqueous Digital are experts in SEO with 10 years proven experience of helping businesses dominate search. Our results driven approach delivers on average a 310% return on investment for our customers.

We know that businesses in the logistics, transportation and freight forwarding industry are becoming increasingly reliant on online search when they are looking to attract new prospective customers. That’s where are experience of SEO and Content strategy in logistics will give you the edge over your competitors.

Having the right digital marketing strategy in place will help you achieve this and give you every opportunity to boost your business’ revenue.

Aqueous Digital have a track record of helping businesses rank well on Google and we would be keen to talk to you about how could help your business.

We offer a free website audit and a free 30-minute Zoom call where our digital specialists will provide friendly and confidential marketing advice.

What our customers said:

“The SEO activity, content plan and overall marketing strategy they recommended, has resulted in a significant boost in traffic to our website. We are also ranking high on Google for common customer search terms and have seen an impressive increase in sales income of well over 100% compared to the previous year. “

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