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24/7 Fitness, operate a large number of gyms across the UK. They offer a full range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and run hundreds of classes in their stylish urban studios and ladies–only workout spaces.

The Challenge

We were approached when the company realised that their gyms were not appearing properly in local searches. On top of that, when you searched for what they did, they simply didn’t appear.

The challenge was how quickly we could get each gym to appear correctly in a search result for local gyms.

gym room

Our Answer

As always, we started with a strategy.

We realised that there were technical issues that were holding the website back, but more importantly, keyword research identified that each of the pages and the website itself, were set up to target the wrong keyword.

The issue was that what people type into Google varies depending on what they are trying to achieve. We quickly identified that over 70% of people searching for them were using a mobile so more likely to type ‘gym’ than ‘fitness’ as an example.

By carefully creating additional content, reshaping the configuration of the pages and providing some helpful internal linking we were able to see immediate results in their keyword positions. Over time, with some external link building, we were able to cement these positions and outrank many larger gym chains.

What our customer said:

“The biggest hurdle when taking on a specialist in a complex channel such as SEO, is getting to understand the final results is such a way that you know it’s doing a good job.

Aqueous regularly keep us updated on this as well as providing us with effective feedback, which we can also be implemented in other areas of the business. Their monthly reports are in depth as well as understandable and there’s always someone at the end of the phone to assist.”

24/7 Fitness Sales Director, Mark Chivers


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