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SEO forms catalyst for improving north west based chemical firm’s brand awareness

In the first 12 months we achieved a 184% increase in page views, 966% increase in new users to the site and an increase in keywords ranking on Google from just 19 to an impressive 1,296.

About Chemiteq

Chemiteq are a leading northwest based chemical supplier with over 20 years’ experience in the water treatment industry.

Under their OXYL-PRO brand, they manufacture a revolutionary environmentally friendly disinfectant that is formulated using only food safe ingredients.  Unlike many bleach-based disinfectants, this next generation product simply degrades to oxygen and water without producing damaging heavy metals or other harmful by-products.

The product has many applications, but is highly relevant for use in the agricultural industry, horticulture and livestock farming, where keeping areas free from harmful bacteria is essential.  Oxyl-Pro is equally suited for use in the manufacture of food and drinks and also in the treatment of water.

Their alcohol free Oxyl-Pro Hand and Surface Disinfectant is multi-purpose and has been proven to be highly-effective protection against coronavirus as well as killing other viruses, bacteria, moulds, yeasts and fungi.

The Challenge

When you bring a revolutionary product to the market, the route to success lies firmly in how it is marketed to your customers.

But how can you get more people find out about the product and more importantly, how will you convince them to buy it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) combined with an engaging website often plays a crucial role in raising brand awareness, driving sales enquiries and converting visitors into new customers.

When we first met with Chemiteq back in early 2020, they were in the process of building a new website with another supplier. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all going to plan and they had encountered a number of challenges, that had held back the launch.  In addition, they had serious concerns about the quality of the new website and whether it was suitable to take the Oxy-pro brand to the next level.

“The work that Aqueous Digital produce is top class and that shows through in the monthly reports we get from them. Even after the first month, we were seeing significant differences from last year. They are exceptionally easy to work with, very friendly, very helpful and know exactly what they are doing. I would highly recommend Aqueous Digital for all your SEO work, they are superb.”

Angela Riding, Director, Chemiteq & Oxyl-Pro

The solution

We commissioned a brand-new website for the Oxyl-Pro brand and helped them launch it to great effect.

We then worked in collaboration with Chemiteq across 2020 and into 2021, to deliver a strong SEO focused content strategy, technical on-page plan and link-building outreach activity.

The content strategy involved producing monthly articles that aimed to bring traffic from Google that aligned to their niche target B2B customer base.

One article in particular, ‘Hydrogen Peroxide versus Bleach: which should you choose?’ is now attracting close to a thousand page views a month, helping to promote their products and raise awareness of the brand with prospective customers.


In the first 12 months of working with Chemiteq we achieved a 184% increase in views on their new Oxyl-Pro website. We also saw an increase of website users of 796% and 966% increase in new users. Overall website user session have also increased by 571%.

When we first started working with Chemiteq they were ranking on Google search for just 19 keywords. This has now increased to an impressive 1,296 keywords.

The content strategy we delivered really has had a significant impact on website traffic, with one article in particular drawing in nearly twice as many views as their homepage.

The increase in website impressions and overall visibility over the past 12 months, can clearly be seen in the below Google analytics graph:

Chemiteq website performance graph

New Chemiteq website

We recently helped Chemiteq build a new company website.  

This is aligned with Chemiteq launching a new chemical-free water treatment service and prompted by the success of their Oxyl-pro website.


increase in website views


increase in new website users


keywords ranking on Google

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