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SEO in the Health & Fitness Industry

SEO in the Health & Fitness Industry

We can help your gym, spa or health and fitness club rank in the top positions of a local Google search

There are over seven thousand health and fitness clubs in the UK with just over ten million members. The health and fitness industry as a whole is going through a golden period and has grown over 20% in the past five years to become a £5 billion industry – it’s currently a booming sector to be working in.

It’s predicted that franchised business models and boutique operations are set to expand in the UK and take a larger share of the marketplace away from the big players.

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However, the budget end of the market has become increasingly more competitive as many operators search for better ways to draw in new customers. Beyond lowering prices, technology, facilities and training provision are proving to be favourable ways to provide the customer with a better experience.

Recent research has revealed 85% of consumers have searched for local business online and that over 50% of them contacted that business the same day.

If Google is where your prospective customers are going to find a new gym or fitness facility in their local area and your business isn’t listed, there’s a high chance they will choose one of your competitors. Internet search and especially local search is therefore a crucial component for driving new customers to your gym, fitness studio or yoga class.

Working your SEO and digital marketing into shape so that you appear prominently in local searches is what we specialise in at Aqueous.

We have a proven track record of success in the health and fitness industry and we would be keen to talk to you about how Aqueous Digital could help take your business to the next level.

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Our track record

We helped a national gym and fitness club operator to double website traffic to over 1 million users and rank at number 1 on Google for 15 business critical search terms with 25 other keywords in the top 5 positions.

What our customer said:

“The biggest hurdle when taking on a specialist in a complex channel such as SEO, is getting to understand the final results is such a way that you know it’s doing a good job.

Aqueous regularly keep us updated on this as well as providing us with effective feedback, which we can also be implemented in other areas of the business. Their monthly reports are in depth as well as understandable and there’s always someone at the end of the phone to assist.”

Read the full case study on how we helped this national gym and fitness business

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