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SEO in the Retail & Fashion Industry

SEO in the Retail & Fashion Industry

We can help your business increase sales and cut through the noise made by your competitors

Less than 10% of consumers venture onto page two of Google, when they are shopping online. It’s therefore more important than ever for your business and products to feature high up the search results.

In today’s world of fashion and retail, it goes without saying, that if you are marketing online, your brand really does need to cut-through the noise created by your competitors for you to survive in such a fierce marketplace.

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At Aqueous Digital, we have been helping businesses in the retail and fashion industry since we started the agency almost ten years ago. Some of our customers have been with us from the very beginning and over that time we have seen some radical changes in the way the retail industry has evolved and adopted to technological advances and changes in consumer buying habits.

The digital revolution and predicted death of the high street has driven a rapid growth in online sales as mainstream brands shift away from reliance on brick and mortar stores in favour of ecommerce activity. At £26 billion, it’s fair to say that the fashion retail industry is one of the highest grossing sectors in the UK, with growth over the past five years having almost doubled.

The market is rapidly expanding, but at the same time, it’s also very saturated with many brands competing for the same customers. This is where a robust digital marketing and SEO strategy is crucial for increasing conversions on your website and keeping a step ahead of the competition.

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Our track record

We helped a baby and toddler clothing manufacturer grow their business by increase website traffic by 390%, and generate £250k in sales in their first 5 years. Over the last year, we have helped them increase web traffic by a further 175% (July 2019- July 2020).

They are currently ranking at number one on Google for over 20 priority search terms, 17 terms ranked in position two and three and many more on the coveted page one of Google.

What our customer said:

“On a day-to-day basis, the freedom of knowing that the Aqueous team are actively looking after everything SEO, means that we are able to focus on building the business in other ways, often based on their suggestions”

Read our full case study on how we helped this baby and toddler clothing manufacturer grow their business online

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