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If you want to see real Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results for your Leeds-based business, chances are you’ll need expert advice from a dedicated SEO company in Leeds, just like Aqueous Digital. To discover how we could help you grow your business, simply contact our experienced team today!

Looking for SEO services in Leeds?

If ‘SEO Leeds’ is a common search query of yours, then you probably know the top ten results by heart by now. After each search, you’ll have been presented with a wide range of Leeds SEO companies, consultants, and freelancers, but how can you tell which one is right for your business?

So, how do you pick the best Leeds SEO company?

Ensuring you choose the best SEO agency in Leeds for your company means considering a wide range of variables, such as your budget and their experience. However, to help you get better value for money when picking an SEO company, we first need to take a look at how search works and why it works this way.

Why ask Google for an SEO company in Leeds?

Individuals searching online for an ‘SEO agency in Leeds’ are specifically asking the search engine to only generate relevant results within this location. However, search is evolving quickly, so quickly, in fact, that adding ‘Leeds’ to the end of your search query is unlikely to make a significant difference to the search results.

This is because search engines, like Google, don’t work the way many people think they do. Instead, two neighbouring business could search for the same phrase using the same search engine, but they’d still see different results.

How does the same search phrase generate different results?

Initially, it may seem confusing that the same search creates difference results, but when you take into account the various factors Google uses to generate these search results, it makes much more sense. As well as your location (IP address), Google will also consider your search history, frequency of searches, date of searches, and the device you’re using to make the search when serving results.

Furthermore, if you possess and log into your Google account or Gmail account, the search engine can access an even greater selection of your personal information. It even has the ability to read emails and identify certain websites you may be more interested in to help it serve useful results.

phone and laptop

Does it matter which device you use to search for SEO services in Leeds?

Yes! If you search a phrase on your PC and then search it on your mobile phone, it’s likely you’ll see different results! This is because Google uses your IP address to determine your location when you make a search using either your PC or Mac Device.

When you use a mobile phone to make a search, however, as long as your logged into your Google account, your location will be determined using your GPS coordinates instead. GPS coordinates provide a far more accurate location than an IP address, so if you want particularly location-relevant results, make the search on your mobile!

If Google knows all, why does the location matter?

Google actually assumes their users won’t include location information when carrying out a search nowadays.

This comes after the release of the ‘Pigeon’ update in October 2014 that led to the alteration of Google’s algorithm. As a result, it ensured more local results appeared for broad search phrases. This is because most users searching for a ‘bakery’, ‘pet shop’, or ‘bar’ are often looking for local/nearby suggestions.

However, as Google has evolved, it’s also learnt to accumulate location information. For example, if you search the same terms whilst on a train, you’re likely to receive nearby results as well as search results from around your home and workplace location – it generates results based on your search behaviour as a whole.

As a result, while it will take into account your current location, including ‘Leeds’ in your search query will help to clarify your intent and ensure Google only serves relevant results within this area.

Local SEO Leeds

Eager to see your Leeds-based business flourish? Contact our expert team of SEO specialists today.

Instead of shouting about our well-known customers and sneakily adding our own links to your website, we let our work speak for itself. We’ve even been awarded Best Global Small Integrated Search Agency at the Global Search Awards, and Best Small Integrated Digital Agency at the UK Growth Awards 2021.

No matter which pages you want to see ranking higher in the search results, trust our team of experts to help you achieve outstanding results using well-researched SEO strategies. To find out more about how create these strategies, either carry on reading or speak to a member of our team on 0800 285 1424.


Why trust Aqueous Digital?

An award-winning, experienced, and family-run SEO agency, we specialise in paid internet search (Google Ads), SEO, content strategies, and reputation management for high-net-worth individuals. More than just another SEO company, however, we set out to be different from the very start.

Founded in 2011 by Jonathan Guy and his wife Emma, Aqueous Digital was based on three core values – trust, loyalty, and collaboration (TLC). Some SEO agencies out there will over-promise, mislead, and use confusing jargon to baffle their customers – we do it differently.

We’re completely honest about our SEO process and always explain that sustainable, organic results don’t happen overnight. The result? Delighted customers that have enjoyed impressive results and trusted us for years to help them grown their business.

How much does it cost to implement SEO?

As every company is different, there’s no exact SEO cost. However, due to the fact that SEO is a long-term marketing method designed to increase organic traffic, it requires significant regular investment. While we always try to accommodate customers regardless of their budget, we’re not the cheapest Leeds SEO company.

To find out whether our SEO service costs are within your marketing budget, simply call us today on 0800 285 1424. From here, we can arrange your free, no-obligation consultation and discuss the best SEO strategy to help your business improve turnover, reach a greater audience, or build brand awareness.

Find out more about our approach from none other than Aqueous Digital’s Managing Director, Jonathan, below.

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