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We are very excited to announce that our Director of Sales Operations, Emma Guy has reached the finals of the prestigious Enterprise Vision Awards 2021 (EVAS) in the Health and Wellbeing category.

The EVAS are the largest business awards outside of London dedicated solely to women. The awards distinguish those women who are leading the way in their industries and are building businesses that are not only judged on turnover, but creativity, ethics, passion and commitment.

Emma’s Story

Emma grew up in Belfast in the 1970s and started her career as a welder, demonstrating at a tender age that she liked to fix things. Following a successful 20-year career in sales, she trained as an acupuncturist and became equally adept at fixing people too.

In the early part of her career, she built a wealth of experience in sales and marketing. Having worked for 9yrs at the Bank of Scotland as a Senior Sales Trainer, she then progressed to where she spent more than a decade successfully managing sales operations.

She also spent a seven years as a Police Special Constable in Cheshire and served as a parish councillor for Lostock Graham, where she represented the local community for over 10 years.

Business success

As well as being a director of Aqueous Digital, Emma also heads up two other successful businesses: Acupuncture That Works an award-winning acupuncture clinic and The Menopausal Godmother, a women’s support network set-up during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s through these businesses and their success, that she strives to influence, support and improve the lives, careers, and emotional wellbeing of those around her.

Her strong moral compass, ethical stance, and people-focused outlook to business, has always been at the forefront of how she approaches life and is integral to the impact she has on others and the businesses she manages.

Despite being faced with a number of serious life challenges over the past decade, she has faced them head on and come out on top.

Acupuncture that Works

Over a decade ago, while working for, she was diagnosed with a serious illness and told by medical specialists that she’d likely suffer from the condition for the rest of her life.

After trying other treatments, she underwent acupuncture and was amazed at its effectiveness.  Acupuncture was rapidly responsible for her getting on top of the condition and transforming her own health.

During 2010, and at the height of the global recession, she was made redundant from

Inspired by the effectiveness of her own acupuncture treatment, she decided to invest two years training as an acupuncturist before going on to set up her own practice.

At the same time in 2011, she helped establish Aqueous Digital, with her husband Jonathan.

In 2016, Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer, her treatment – which included surgery – meant she went through menopause earlier than most.

The Menopausal Godmother is a new venture, started during the first national lockdown in 2020, to support individuals going through the menopause. Its objective is to raise awareness of the changes women go through, and to transform the conversation around how it is seen – and dealt with – in today’s society.

Based on her own life journey, and experience of treating thousands of women, she recently published a semi-autobiographical support book, The Wisdoms of The Menopausal Godmother to help women going through the menopause. The book offers advice and practical suggestions of how to navigate a life change that is still not talked about enough, and it also provides reassurance and empathy.

It went on to become a number 1 best seller on Amazon in the acupuncture section in April 2021.

Emma has also recently launched her own signature ‘Menopausal Godmother Gin’ that is made from a recipe of natural beneficial ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine. The first batch sold out within a week!

Hospice work

From 2011 and over a 6-year period, Emma provided therapies at St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford, helping patients with cancer and other terminal illnesses.  She provided complementary therapies, assisting with pain relief and hormonal balance treatment, improving a vast array of conditions, and helping with patients’ comfort, pain relief and general wellbeing.

She also provided a similar clinical service at The Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester.


Ambassador for Prevent Breast Cancer

Emma has now delivered acupuncture to more than a thousand women going through the same changes and set up The Menopausal Godmother to support others at a similar stage in their lives.

Five years on, she is now thankfully cancer-free and in May 2021 she became an Ambassador for the charity Prevent Breast Cancer, where she hopes to help spread awareness and bring in funding for the charity.

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