Social Media

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At first glance, the commercial value of social media is not immediately obvious.

After all, it’s what the kids do 24/7. A world of tweets, likes and Snapchat. Even the name suggests this is something for when the work stops.

But that’s exactly where its value lies. If you can communicate with people in a social forum, you can build relationships with them, relationships that generate trust and, eventually, transactions.

And the evidence for this is now pretty overwhelming. Today, you will struggle to find a successful business that does not believe social media can be an extremely effective tool to reach potential new customers and clients.

Some reasons to use social media:

  • Sheer scale – there are 2.22 billion social network users worldwide with a global social network penetration of 31%
  • Selling is not direct, but based on conversations and relationships
  • In a well-designed social media campaign, consumers are likely to spread viral videos, create additional brand-related content, tweet about the brand and post about their experiences on Facebook.
  • Social builds brand followers who become customers
  • Often the first port of call for people looking for customer service

Aqueous Digital offers management of your social media as an integral part of packages Digital Five to Digital Two in its Virtual Marketing service, overseeing social media channels, daily postings and follower growth.

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