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An Apple a day keeps the stock market at bay?

It was quite interesting to see the stock market movements yesterday as they caught up with the news of Steve Jobs resignation as CEO of Apple. At first, there seemed to be some sort of belief that without the charismatic leader at the helm the whole company would implode and that the value of the Apple business would be diminished to such an extent that the business would be virtually worthless.

Of course, it was just a load of hype and the reality of the situation soon became apparent when after a brief fall in the stock it rallied again. Overenthusiastic commentators, of course, missed the point that a business is more than just one person. It takes more than the loss of a CEO, no matter how good he or she is, to bring a business down.

So Apple rumbles on as the darling of the stock market and even without Steve at the helm, they will still be churning our iPhones, iPads, iPods and the beloved Mac’s. And they’re still good products. The competition would love to get a slice of that market but Apple still have, and should continue to have, an edge over them.

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