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Archer Window Cleaning Featured in The Bolton Evening News

We are thrilled to share that one of our clients here at Aqueous Digital was featured in the Bolton Evening News, following an incident in Liverpool city centre in December.

Two members of the Archer Window Cleaning team were about to begin work when they heard a woman’s screams coming nearby. Without any thought for their own safety, they decided to intervene and found a woman being attacked by a man whilst she was on her way to work. They chased off the attacker and saved the woman from what would have been a serious assault.

This act of bravery may have gone unnoticed, until the Manager of the woman’s place of work contacted Chris Oakes, the Managing Director of Archer Window Cleaning, to express her gratitude for stepping in and protecting her member of staff:

“Two of your staff were courageous and brave today, saving a female staff member from a very serious assault. They heard her screaming and came to investigate when a lot of people would have thought “I’m not getting involved” this could have ended in a very terrible way. Your staff members are heroes in our world. Please keep these values as it’s people like you that make the world a better place.”

Following the attack back in December, the story was picked up by the Bolton Evening News, which is great exposure for a fantastic team who went above and beyond their call of duty and were invaluable in protecting the public.

We are extremely proud of the actions of the Archer Window Cleaners team and are incredibly pleased that they have been recognised by the press for their bravery and commitment to public safety. Great job guys!

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