With the current crisis unfolding across the world we have seen a huge increase in the amount of fraud or attempted fraud, particularly on email.

This week we have had three separate emails asking us to provide information about our bank details. The latest one simply says;


Can you confirm the balance on the account as of today?

Kind regards,

The email appears to come from the Managing Director but is, in reality, a fake Gmail email address.

Scammers aren’t bothered that businesses are trying to survive. They don’t care whether you succeed or fail, They only care about parting you from your hard earned cash.

With people struggling to find month end payment, emails like these are trapping unwitting recipients into a communication chain which ultimately, will see them walking away with cash which should be used to pay staff and suppliers.

Please be extra vigilant and do NOT disclose your bank details to anyone during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and be careful.

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29th March 2020

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