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Why does Google ignore my meta description?

Meta descriptions play an important role in Google search results.

Despite the fact they don’t directly impact a website’s ranking, they still influence click-through rates by providing users with a brief summary of the information a page contains.

They are useful for advertising a business, and an effective meta description increases the likelihood that somebody will visit your website to learn more about a service or product.

Users can also cut down on the time they spend searching if a meta description confirms the website has what they’re looking for.

Why is Google rewriting my meta description?

In some cases, Google can change a meta description to provide more accurate information for a user.

In this way, a rewritten meta description will be a better match with the user’s search intent, instead of being vague or generalised.

The rewritten version will replace the original meta description.

Although it can feel frustrating when Google ignores your meta description, an improved meta description contributes to enhanced user satisfaction overall, in turn boosting your business.

Why is Google showing an old meta description?

There are times when Google chooses to display an old meta description.

The reason for this could be related to caching, indexing, and delays or if Google assesses the old description is more relevant to a specific search query.

Sometimes, Google stores old crawled versions of web pages in its cache.

This means that when a user is searching for something, Google displays the cached version, including the accompanying meta description.

Delays may also take place when Google’s algorithms do not automatically recognise the changes being made.

Therefore, there is a time lapse between the information shown on the search console and what you have input on your website to be displayed.

The meta description won’t be updated until Google re-crawls and re-indexes your page.

Let Aqueous Digital assist you with meta descriptions

Aqueous Digital has become well-versed in helping high-profile figures thanks to their insights into content strategy, reputation management and technical SEO.

Whether you are confused about google ignoring your meta description, or you have a query relating to any of our SEO services, we have the tools and knowledge to assist.

If you want more information about the technical SEO services we provide or want assistance creating meta descriptions for your website, why not arrange your free initial consultation with a member of our friendly team today?

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