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Could you answer this Google Academy for Ads question?

At Aqueous, we love to keep on top of the latest in PPC and as Google Partners, we are regularly taking the Google exams on their Academy for Ads platform.

One of our team was taking the exam earlier today and came across this question. We thought we ought to share it here as a test to see just how good you think you are at Google Ads.

Can you answer this?

Is this an Impossible Google Ads question

The test reads:

“A network of hardware devices, including Chromebooks and Android phones, where your ad can appear”, which of course, isn’t even a question!

The answer is at the bottom of this blog post, but you can imagine our consternation when this came up. And to top it all, it was in the Google Ads Fundamentals exam as well! That’s one way to put a beginner off!

We expect that this was just a glitch in the system, or as Arthur C. Clarke would have it, a ‘ghost in the machine’ but it certainly made us think.

Have you ever seen anything like this in any of your Google Exams?


*The correct Answer was, option one, but only if you were answering the question that should have been there. The question itself is actually an option for the answers in the question “What is the Google Network?” 

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