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How do you create a product schema?

A crucial part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), schema comes in many different forms – including product schema, but how can you create product schema for your website?

Luckily, the team of SEO experts at Aqueous Digital has years of experience optimising websites with a combination of both technical SEO and great content.

Below, we explain what’s included in product schema, why websites use it, and how you can create product schema for your own domain.

What is product schema?

Product schema is a type of structured data which allows website owners to add specific attributes to their product listings as they appear in the rich snippets (or rich results) on the search engine results page (SERPs).

These attributes typically include information about the product’s price, reviews, and rating.

This is because search engines want to publish as much information about products as possible to help improve the online shopping experience for their users.

Why use product schema?

Not only is product schema helpful for online users that want to find out more about your products, but it also plays a vital role in helping search engines to better understand your products’ features and value.

This can help the search engine to accurately match your products with a user’s search intent, creating an improved user experience as well as a more compelling and informative rich snippet.

As a result, you should see a positive impact on your click-through rates (CTRs) and SEO performance.

As mentioned above, search engines always endeavour to provide their users with as much information as possible which is why webpages with product schema are often featured in the rich results on SERPs.

What are the required properties of a product schema?

According to, the structured data reference website, there’s a long list of properties that you can add to a product listing using product schema.

While there are no required properties as stated by, search engines like Google, may have their own regulations for products they will include in rich snippets.

Based on documentation published on Google Search Central under their general structured data guidelines, product schema must meet their general guidelines (guidelines that apply to all structured data) in order to be eligible to appear as a rich result.

For products that you want to obtain a rich result in Google SERPs, you will need to ensure you include the name property in your markup and at least one of the following properties – review, offers, or aggregateRating (review ratings).

There are also some recommended product schema properties that can improve the shopping experience, allowing you to add more information to product listings for both online users and search engines alike.

How do you create product schema?

Refer to Google’s product schema guidelines

To ensure you’re creating product structured data that Google will enable rich results for, it’s important to understand its product schema guidelines.

These guidelines provide extensive information on what you should include in product schema, and also what you shouldn’t.

For example, you shouldn’t use fake or misleading reviews, impersonate another individual or business, or use outdated information.

Create markup code using structured data format

You can create product schema using a variety of structured data formats including Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD. As Google recommend JSON-LD markup, it may be best to use this format.

Add markup to product page

The final step of implementing product schema is to simply add it to your product page. You can do this by either inserting it directly into your site’s HTML code, using a plugin, or using a third-party solution.

Improve your product listings with Aqueous Digital

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