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How to get round the TPS regulations – simply offshore your spam phone calls

It had to happen sooner or later and today it did.

I’ve just fielded a call from someone who told me that ‘someone at this phone number has had an accident in the last two years’. I won’t repeat here the words that I used; suffice to say the call didn’t last very long after those words were uttered.

For the record, the telephone number was 0061406892367 which is supposed to originate from Christmas Island, however, the accent of the individual on the phone sounded slightly closer to the UK than that. In fact, they sounded very much like they were from somewhere around the Indian Sub Continent.

As a business we are registered with the Telephone Preference Service here in the UK, principally to stop these type of phone calls interrupting our work and to ensure that the time we have is usefully employed in optimising customer websites. We have no problems in genuine sales calls, we get them all the time, but spam like this should be stopped.

Of course, had the call originated in the UK we would have no compunction at all in telling them that we are TPS registered and if they persist that we would be reporting them. But good though the TPS is, I doubt very much that their reach extends to Christmas Islands.

So if you are reading this there is a pretty good chance that you have Googled the number above and found our article. If by any remote chance you are still on the call whilst doing it, take the opportunity to tell them that they are fooling no one and ask them to keep talking whilst your system backtraces their phone number. My guess is that they will take you off their dialling list far quicker than the TPS could achieve.

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