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How to use schema markup for reviews

A review schema can be useful for enhancing your website’s visibility on search engine results pages, helping search engines to understand your content better and offering local SEO benefits.

What is schema review?

Schema review, which is also referred to as review schema is a type of structured data markup. It provides search engines such as Google with information about reviews and ratings for a wide variety of services and products. This markup enables search engines to determine what type of content is being displayed on a web page, giving users a glimpse of this review information.

It is normal for review schema to contain elements such as the name of the reviewer, the date of the review, the text relating to the review and the rating provided by the reviewer. Once a search engine like Google locates reviews or ratings markup, they may decide to display a rich snippet that has a summary of the review or rating.

Implementing review schema onto your website is beneficial as it allows those with a website to gain the user’s attention on search engines. It is useful not just for business owners who want to display their reviews proudly, but also for the user who wants a seamless way of finding reviews.

Although adding review schema to your pages will not have a direct impact on your rankings, it does help search engines to understand the contents of your web page, which could indirectly influence what queries your content appears in search for.

How do you create a rating schema?

Creating a rating scheme entails using structured data in a specific format that is easy for search engines to understand. Firstly, you should get clear on the properties of your rating. This includes the rating value, the best and worst ratings, and any extra details about the rating.

Next, you should use a structured data generator tool to create the rating schema. You will need to fill out the form with as many details as you can, including the properties. When this is done, you can select the ‘Copy Code’ button to get your JSON-LD code which will be added to your website. The copied code should be pasted into the HTML of your web page according to its layout and structure.

You can use a Schema Markup Validator to check your code to make sure that it is formatted correctly before using a tool such as Google’s Rich Results test to test it.

How do I implement review schema in WordPress?

Implementing review schema in WordPress can be done manually or by using plugins. If you decide to carry this process out manually, you can add the schema into the <head> section of your pages. Alternatively, you can use WordPress plugins which help the implementation of review schema.

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