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Is Bing the search engine for the future?

With Bing usage reportedly gaining traction, we take a look at how popular Microsoft’s search engine really is, how they’re winning more users and what they’ve got in store for the future.

Although Microsoft’s Bing only holds 9% of the worldwide search market share, it appears to be quickly gaining traction in the US and the UK.  In fact, according to this article by TechRadar 33% of searches in the US and 26% or searches in the UK are now performed on Bing.

Whilst Bing used to sometimes get sneered at when being compared to search giant Google, it seems like it may now be time to take them seriously.  But is this surge in Bing usage short-lived or could they become serious competition for Google in years to come?

Why are more people using Bing?

First of all, let’s not forget that these stats include searches on both Yahoo and AOL which are both powered by Bing.
Bing Logo

Bing are big on partnering with not just other search engines, but big businesses, brands and technology too. Bing themselves say that one of their main aims is to become “pervasive”.  By partnering with many different businesses to make Bing the default search engine on all kinds of different platforms, people are often using Bing without making the choice, or sometimes without even realizing they’re doing so! It’s a smart move on Microsoft’s part.

Just a few of the businesses and devices that Bing are now partnered with include:

  • AOL search
  • Yahoo Search
  • Apple’s Siri
  • Amazon Echo (Alexa)
  • Kindle Fire

And let’s not forget Microsoft’s own offerings including the Xbox games console and the Windows 10 operating system.  Windows 10 now features a desktop, voice controlled, virtual assistant called Cortana that answers search queries using Bing.

Bing have even recently launched an initiative in an attempt to win more users to pay people points that can be exchanged for freebies just for searching on Bing.

What could drive a future Bing revolution?

Whilst Google currently look comfortable in search’s top spot, search needs to keep evolving as technology developments are being made on a daily basis.  Could a combination of the factors below mean that Bing becomes the search engine for the future?

Mistakes made by Google

Google Logo 2017
Google recently received a hefty fine of over $2.4bn for favoring their own shopping services in search results.  They were also in the news not so long ago after some embarrassingly questionable search results made their way to the top of the pile.  This kind of widely publicized mistake may put doubt in the minds of many about whether their search results should be trusted to be fair, trustworthy and impartial.  It is this kind of error that could damage their reputation and see people turning to alternative search engines.


There is no doubt that Microsoft have their finger on the pulse when it comes to developing innovative new technology.  Could their investment in AI and machine-learning give them the head start in a highly intelligent and technology-driven future for search?

Microsoft’s prominent position in the computing and mobile markets also gives them an edge over Google.


Often we aren’t even aware of which search engine features on our devices are being powered by.  Could Bing’s many partnerships and objective to become “pervasive” result in a slow burn takeover without us even being aware that it is happening?

A shift in the way SEO works

Microsoft’s David Pann, general manager for search advertising said during an interviewWe also realize mobile experiences are going to dramatically evolve over the next three to five years to the extent that consumer intent won’t be typed in — it may be location-based, it may be understanding what’s on your schedule. The notion of search could move to a more passive approach.”

With search moving away from the two-dimensional page of clickable search results and becoming more heavily involved with location and voice commands issued from an array of different devices, will Google still be kingpin in this changing landscape, or could Microsoft’s Bing emerge on top?

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