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It’s a New Year but still the same old SEO spam

Nothing says ‘Welcome back to work’ quite like an inbox full of spam. Having just spent an hour wading through the muck looking for anything that might be of interest I was quite looking forward to getting my teeth into some of the more important tasks that need doing.

Imagine my reaction then when having just finished clearing through the rubbish, the inbox pings and this appears;

SEO offer

Wow. I can be on page one of Google. Who knew?

Many of you will also be receiving emails like this and probably deleting them but this sort of thing makes me angry as it gives reputable companies a band name.

This is wrong on so many levels.

For a start there won’t be any Linda Bailey if I get in touch. Surprise surprise, she’s a made up name. Secondly, she uses a gmail account for all her correspondence. The last hiding place of the spammers, this is a sure signal that it’s a burn account.

The third point is that Linda hasn’t done any homework. Not a bit. If she had then she’d know that we are already on the first page of Google. For quite a lot of things really, including some the Linda would never find.

Finally, and this is the it that really pees me off, ‘she’ has got past our ‘Captcha’ which means that there is a fair chance that this isn’t automated spam but a real person actually doing this.

Contact form

See, right at the bottom is a box which they have to tick to prove they aren’t an automated spam programme.

So, in summary, not only has Linda, who we can see from her IP address is based in India, filled in the form and gone to the trouble of proving he/she isn’t a robot, but she’s sent a message offering SEO services to an SEO firm.

And that stunning level of ignorance means that no matter what the people say, they clearly have zero attention to detail and as such could never be trusted with our, or anyone else’s SEO.

Of course if you want to talk to someone who does know about this stuff, is based in the UK and doesn’t spam you on a daily basis, feel free to do the old fashioned thing and pick up the phone. You can call us free on 0800 285 1424 and speak to a real person who will give you a real name and be happy to help.

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