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These lies are getting ridiculous…

Yesterday I wrote an impassioned piece for the Huffington Post which argued that unless people in the Digital arena stopped peddling lies about Google changes to mobile rankings we would all end up being hurt by the fall out.

Imagine therefore my annoyance to receive an email in the inbox fifteen minutes ago with this ‘gem’ embedded in it.

Mobilegeddon Lies

This priceless statement came from some idiots who don’t even have a website so quite why I would take advice from them is unclear. What is clear though is that this kind of statement is a breach of the Advertising Standards Act and designed to scare customers into action. It is absolutely false, it is a disgrace and needs to be stamped out.

Google has not said at any point that they will remove you completely from their rankings if your website isn’t mobile friendly. Imagine if you will that the biggest brand you can think of didn’t have a mobile friendly website. Do you seriously think that Google would remove them completely from search? What about if people were searching for that brand? There would be uproar and lawsuits would inevitably follow.

If you received this or a similar email in your inbox promising that your website will be removed from Google’s rankings if you are not mobile friendly then do the right thing and report them to the ASA. You may not be fooled but someone out there will be parting with hard earned cash for no good reason at all.

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