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Massive Google ranking fluctuations – have you been affected?

At the end of last week, Google rolled out a major change to their search algorithm which resulted in wild fluctuations in the keyword positions.

Some businesses were clear winners from this change and others lost a lot of ground.

If you lost your rankings, do you know why? More importantly, do you know what to do about it?

Google, for their part, have not announced that they have released a change but that’s not unusual. Most often we all find out about these changes weeks later, but by that time the damage is done.

At Aqueous, not one of our clients was negatively affected by the change but we have received calls from a number of businesses who are struggling to make sense of the change.

If you have been hit then the temptation is to ‘do something’ but in many cases what you might choose to do will only make it worse.

The reason for this is that different updates target different things. For some time now we have been expecting a ‘Penguin’ update, which goes after websites with poor backlink profiles. Most business owners have no ideas what their backlink profile looks like, nor how to check or improve it. ‘Panda’ updates go after sites that have poor or thin content; but would you know what constitutes ‘good’ content?

If you want to make certain that your website is in good shape or to be assured that your plan for recovery is the right one then call us today. We are happy to give your website a free no obligation health check.

Don’t wait to see if it will get better. Call us now and let us help you restore your website to the positions you depend upon.

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