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Never mind our privacy Facebook, what about accuracy?

We’ve all been battered recently with messages from Facebook every time we log onto our accounts, but whilst we’ve got our privacy settings tightened down Facebook is ignoring the accuracy of what is being said.

We’ve got two customers who have been trying recently to change their Page titles. Nothing too hard about that you would have thought, but apparently, it’s virtually impossible now to do this.

In one instance, the page title shows that the person was training to become fully qualified, as specified by her professional governing body. Having passed her exams in March she tried to update the page title to remove ‘trainee’ and let people know she was now fully qualified.

This is quite important. Not only does it distinguish her from other trainees, but it now allows her to charge full rate for the services she provides.

And our customer is not alone. Just Google the query about changing page titles on Facebook and you’ll see a conga line of disgruntled customers, none of whom, are getting any joy. Some have been waiting over two months and as we are approaching that mark we can understand their frustration.

Facebook Pending Request Message
Facebook Pending Request Message

It seems that the company has gone into meltdown following both the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the impending GDPR changes and in the process, some of the basics are being missed.

Facebook, like most social platforms, require the good will of their customers and an appreciation of their platform to survive. They depend on advertising revenues that these people bring to them and in the case of our customer, we have recommended Facebook advertising as being the ideal way of driving enquiries to her new business.

Sadly, her faith in the brand and platform has sunk so low that she’s now telling us they will never get a penny from her. Harsh, but understandable considering the way she feels she has been treated.

The bigger issue is that from a professional point of view, our customer was supposed to have changed her Facebook page two months ago. It should reflect accurately her business and qualifications. There’s only so long she can go before her regulating body steps in and demands the change.

Sadly, Facebook have little available in the way of escalation process and she has found herself stuck in an infinite loop of having asked for the change but being told she can’t make the change until they have reviewed the change request. And there are no avenues available to speed up this process or even query with anyone where it is up to.

In the meantime, Facebook is wrong.

They are showing incorrect information about our customer, despite being informed of the change two months ago. This is starting to cost her business and ultimately it will cost Facebook.

If they lose the goodwill and trust built up in the brand, then their perceived indifference will hit them where it hurts the most; on the bottom line.

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