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Phishing is getting more personal

We’ve long been aware of phishing scams that target your bank details and no doubt we’ve all seen some fairly convincing ones as well as the amateur attempts. But phishing is moving on and there has been a new spate of different emails appearing in inboxes across the country.
Scammers are now trying to get you to part with your details by pretending to be trusted websites such as the one we received today, supposedly from HMRC.
The problem with this, and it does look fairly convincing, is that the ‘get started’ link takes you to a completely bogus site. At this point you will be encouraged to part with your personal details including your bank details because of course how else are they going to repay you the money you are owed?
We’ve also recently seen these from Amazon and eBay so word to the wise if anyone sends you an email offering you money, be wary. The old saying of ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’ is one you should remember at all times.

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