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Pop up’s are a scourge and a curse on the face of the internet

It can’t be just me but recently I’ve noticed a lot more pop ups when I visit websites.

You know the feeling; you see a headline which looks interesting, you click to see what the content is about and lo an behold you get an insulting pop up, just like this one;

Annoying pop up

What gets me more than anything is the insult inherent in this type of pop up. I either have to give them my email address to get their guide or accept that I am a stupid moron who would prefer low conversions.

This is very much the old ‘you’re either with us or against us’ argument which I have always found fatuous and threatening. Frankly when I see a pop up like this, no matter how good the content on the page might be, I leave the website.

The internet is full of content and more and more gets thrown at us every day. The chances that this website and this company are the only ones that can provide this service are slim, to the point of being invisible. On that basis I’m moving on and I’ll find someone else to do business with.

Moreover this type of pop up, which is becoming more prevalent, means that you can’t see ANY of the content on the page as it blocks the whole page until you dismiss it.

So, stupid, pointless and annoying. Why therefore are they increasing in frequency? Either they are actually working and people are filling in these forms or more likely, developers are simply copying each other.

Whatever the reason, on behalf of all the ordinary folk out there who really hate them, PLEASE STOP! NOW!

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