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Seriously spammers, why do you bother?

We regularly hear that times have changed and that SEO has moved on; that the old tactics no longer work and that we should all be working towards a brand new utopian future where spam is a thing of the past. It sounds great doesn’t it?

The reality however is that despite all our best efforts the idiots are still out there determined to clutter up the place with their spam. As an example this arrived in the filter this week with the author ever hopeful that I’m just going to approve this and set it live on our site.

spam seo copy
Some people still believe that this muck is SEO

Heads up to the person who generated this heap of ordure. It’s spam; of the worst kind. It doesn’t make sense, it adds nothing to the cesspool of this stuff that exists on the internet and no, I’m not letting it go live on our site.

If you recognise any of the links in this muck then feel free to advise the firms concerned that their hard earned online reputations are being trashed by this idiot. I can’t imagine for one moment that someone at Avis sanctioned this rubbish but I do know that enough of this kind of spam can bring a site to its knees.

If you have any of this sort of stuff linking back to your site then you need to deal with it – now. It is poisonous and the longer it stays in place the worse it will become for your business. If you need help cleaning it up then feel free to get in touch – we can help.


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