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SSL and why your website needs it now

E-commerce technology is advancing at breakneck speed. Customers are more demanding and companies are under pressure to provide a flexible, speedy, efficient and secure customer service.

However cyberspace is also vulnerable, and the threat of security breaches, cyber attacks and identity theft are more prevalent than ever.

Trust and reputation are fundamental to a growing business. So security should be a top priority, even for sites that aren’t directly selling.

That’s why it’s essential that your website has an SSL certificate. Without it, your online business won’t survive.

Here’s a look at what SSL is and why your website needs it right now.

Security and Peace of Mind

SSL is worldwide standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

This encrypted link ensures all data passed between the two remains private and integral. It’s used, especially in ecommerce, to protect online transactions and reassure a customer the website they’re visiting is safe and legitimate.

To apply for an SSL certificate, you’ll need to answer a range of questions about your website and company. Your web server will then create two cryptographic keys: one private and one public.

The public key will be placed in a certificate-signing request (CSR) where your details will be validated and an SSL certificate issued. Once you have the certificate it will be matched with your private key and an encrypted link will be set up.

Your customers will see a lock icon on their browsers. This will contain your company and certificate details to reassure them that your website is safe.

It’s predicted that in 2017 most websites will have an SSL certificate.

So what additional benefits will a SSL certificate give you?

Google Insists on It

It’s a way that Google, as well as customers and website traffic, can immediately tell if your website is legitimate or not. It also proves to Google that you care about security and the integrity of your company name.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, Google won’t consider you credible and you’ll be categorised as such.

It Improves Your SEO Rankings

Google now factors in site security in its algorithms and ranking system. If you want to get on the first pages of Google SERPs, an SSL certificate is not an additional option; it’s mandatory. Without one, you’ll be obsolete, and as Google steps up its security standards, you may not be listed at all.

It’s Essential for E-commerce

For websites that use major credit card payments such as Visa and MasterCard, an SSL certificate is obligatory.

More Sales

Customers today are more cautious and will check if you have a certificate. If you don’t, they’ll quickly leave. An SSL certificate shows your integrity, which means customers are more likely to return and sales will increase.

An SSL certificate not only protects your customers, but your company name. Once an optional feature, this global standard certificate is now an essential part of running a successful and secure website.


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