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The importance of internal link building in SEO

If you already understand SEO, then you’ll understand the importance of content and link building for increasing the visibility of a website in the search results. However, often when link building is discussed, it is the process of acquiring links from high-quality websites that gives your website more authority.

The process of link building can be time-consuming and lengthy, however, it is very rewarding in SEO as it signals to Google that your website is a quality resource for users. Therefore, when it comes to marketing strategies, you’ll often find that good quality content and link building are key components to improving your SEO.

So how can internal link building help?

Internal link building can be often neglected in SEO strategies in favour of securing links from other websites, however, internal linking is still very important.

Internal linking on your website involves connecting pieces of content throughout your website to form an overall structure. This structure then signals to Google your most important pages that are worthy of linking to. As a result, you can build links to your most important pages with valuable content, which will improve your SEO.

Unlike external link building, with the right anchor text, you can better navigate both search crawlers and users around the website and won’t be penalised for over-optimization.

To get a better understanding of your current internal linking profile, Search Console can provide you with an overview of your top internally linked pages and allow you to identify areas of improvement.

Once you have improved your link building both internally and externally, you are likely to see improvements in your overall SEO strategy and give your website more credibility and authority.



[First published 17 May 2019, updated 17 August 2020]

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