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The True Value of Investing in a Digital Marketing Company

Getting more clicks through to your website, gaining followers on social media and moving up Google’s ranks are all valuable and measurable digital marketing objectives, but the true value of digital marketing isn’t quite as easy to measure.

Theses are the kinds of goals that businesses come to us seeking help with, and whilst each one is a worthy objective, none of them would offer a return on investment if customers didn’t trust your business.

The true value of investing in a digital marketing company is the trust you gain by building your brand’s digital footprint and reputation online.

Many of our customers want to see data that proves their return on investment each month from the services we offer, and whilst we are able to offer this in the form of reports with data gathered from Google Analytics, Adwords or social analytics, it’s important to remember that much of the value gained from digital marketing is not as easy to measure.

How digital marketing nurtures trust and brand reputation

Whilst click through rates, website traffic and followers are counted and discussed in detail, the arguably more important (but less measurable) matter of trust and brand reputation often goes unmentioned.

So let’s take a look at just a handful of ways that digital marketing efforts garner trust.

Your website

A website that looks the part and performs just as well on mobile and tablet devices as it does on a computer will give customers peace of mind that they are about to purchase from a professional and reputable company.

Your blog

Professionally written company blogs about your business or the industry will not only assure customers of your knowledge and experience, but also offer them extra value for their money.

SEO / Adwords

If your business is up there towards the top of Google’s search results amongst other top dogs then potential customers are more likely to feel assured that you’re an established and popular company.

Social media

Just like your blog, social media is a great way of showing off your business’ knowledge and experience to add value and build trust with potential customers.  Social media is also an excellent platform for showing off your business’ human side, which can really make a brand feel more likeable, transparent and trustworthy to its followers.  Social media platforms like Google My Business and Facebook also allow customers to review your business, by encouraging customers to leave positive feedback can give your brand’s reputation a massive boost online.

Overall online presence

Businesses with a strong online presence across a multitude of different platforms including Google’s web search, social media platforms, Google Maps and other local directories and review websites give the appearance of being larger and more established businesses.  Providing you and your digital marketing efforts cultivate a positive and professional image for your business online then a strong online presence is a huge trust indicator for customers.


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Updated 14 October 2020

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