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Time to abandon Facebook?

Last month saw a surge in audiences to both Facebook and Twitter, but the most astonishing fact to come out of the latest research figures is that the growth in these sites was primarily driven by the over 50’s.

.Just a couple of years ago the profile of Facebook in the UK was predominantly 18-34 year olds but the last few months has seen a sharp rise in the number of 50-64 year olds joining the site

Twitter similarly saw a rise in audience numbers in May, driven primarily by the over 50’s going to the site to look for details of the Super Injunction which prevented Ryan Giggs being named by national newspapers.

So as with all things, does the arrival of the ‘Late Majority’, as defined in Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve, mean that these sites are now desperately ‘uncool’?  History would suggest that this is about the point where ‘early adopters’ will be moving to another platform, leaving Facebook and Twitter to the masses.  Watch this space!

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