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What about you? An image of your digital life.

Most of us spend a large amount of time using social networking websites or browsing youtube, and have done for several years… But what exactly are we talking about? Well with the handy new app What About Me? from Intel now we can see. This is the second social media to art themed app following their Museum of Me, seems they are making it somewhat of a speciality of theirs.

Intel’s What About Me? provides a very detailed breakdown of what you are talking about, linking your Facebook, twitter and youtube accounts. Starting with “The Stories I Tell” the app checks over statuses you have posted on social networking sites and takes keywords from them relating to different categories. These are broken down into Art-Photo, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Music, Science, Shopping, Sports, Study, Tech, Travel, & TV-Film.

A percentage is given for each of these categories relative to how much you talk about each, and these are displayed in a rather visually pleasing chart. Of course like anything this isn’t a flawless system, for example as seen in my own digital picture – the word “die” extracted from a snippet of lyrics by the Verve is deemed to be relevant to gaming…

But then there’s more, they also provide you with your most popular status update and picture (in terms of likes), and a breakdown of what your profile consists of. This is in terms of “made it”, “found it” and “ liked it”, by which “made it” refers to things you have posted yourself; “found it” refers to things you have shared such as external links, youtube videos, images, etc… and “liked it” refers to statuses, images, etc. that you have liked or commented on.

Continuing further we can see a break down of “when you clock in”, given as a percentage of your time spent on Facebook during the day vs time spent during the night. (In my case none surprisingly the larger percentage is during the night…). As well as “your mood”… ranking between 5 faces from sad to happy; which I can only assume is based on keywords in your statuses.

The final and indeed interesting feature of this clever little app is “my connections”, which shows the people who you converse with most along with their image, star sign and whether they spend more time online during the day or the night. My results were actually shockingly accurate, despite the first connection being my ex-girlfriend…

In conclusion, although this app is only a rough outline of what you’ve spent your time online doing, it is nevertheless interesting and definitely worth a look! What About You?

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