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Why good quality content is important for SEO

One important strategy that has known to be effective for enhancing your SEO is high-quality content. Therefore, we have assembled the reasons why good quality content is important for SEO and why you should implement a good content strategy.

What is good quality content?

If you have your own business, whether that be small or large, you want to attract the largest audience possible and have people engaged with your site. One of the key ways of attracting an audience is through good quality content on your website.

Good quality content is defined by Google as useful and informative information that is credible, engaging and original. Good quality content has consistent instances of keywords related to your business and provides value to your audience.

Google SERPs

Having good quality content on your website is an important ranking factor for Google. The topics of your content are crucial and it’s important you spend time getting them right as the more content you publish on a certain topic, the higher the content topic will rank in Google SERPs.

You want your content topics to be reflective of what your business offers and as a result improve your chances of conversion. This is very important if you’re in a competitive market and need to be higher up in SERPs to attract business.

If ranking higher in the Google SERPs is not a good enough reason to implement good quality content on your website, then improving the user experience should be.

Consumer Engagement

Every day, users make countless searches trying to find the information they require before purchasing products or services. If you have good quality content on your website, that can be used as a resource for customers to turn to for their queries, you have already captured their attention.

It’s relatively straightforward, provide your customers with good information and receive many site visitors in return! So if you’ve not adopted a good content marketing into your business strategy, it is definitely worth investing in to improve your SEO.



[Updated 01/09/20]

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