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Driving Sales for ITP Packaging during Covid-19 lockdown

Aqueous Digital helps ITP Packaging increase sales income by over 100% and increases organic traffic to their website by 200% in just under 5 months

ITP Packaging is an independent supplier of industrial, transit and protective packaging for the manufacturing industry. Their focus is to provide high-quality products that are reliable and reduce both cost and environmental impact for customers.

The challenge

In 2019, the business moved into the online marketplace with the core aim to become ‘the number one supplier of industrial, transit and protective packaging through customer satisfaction’. This is a highly competitive marketplace that is dominated by a number of larger well-established players.

In March of 2020, the company collaborated with digital marketing agency, Aqueous Digital to help them drive online sales, increase organic traffic and improve their website performance and brand profile.

As a newcomer to selling packaging online, it was essential, that Aqueous helped them move rapidly to dominate this niche online marketplace across a range of priority product lines, by boosting their online presence.

At the onset of the collaboration, Covid -19 lockdown and restrictions were introduced across the UK. This threw the business into a period of uncertainty and it was anticipated that these difficult circumstances would have a negative impact on growth and sales. However, despite this significant setback, the business rose to the challenge and adopted Aqueous Digital’s marketing recommendations.

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Our solution

A full audit of the ITP Packaging website and marketplace research was carried out, which identified several priority areas for improvement along with key marketplace opportunities.

A robust digital marketing strategy was then put together that addressed strengthening these highlighted areas, along with agreed activity to deliver on all objectives.
Background research and use of analytics was then used to help drive and inform the implementation of a full content plan along with competitor analysis to help identify target opportunities in the marketplace.

Optimisation of the website was then carried out by improving user journey, correction of technical imperfections and improvement of overall performance and speed.
A long-term strategy to get the website to rank for a range of core keywords and products in specified geographic locations was introduced which involved frequently publishing engaging and relevant content.

Content was also published on third party websites and a link building strategy implemented that included targeted backlink profiles to enhance domain authority
Meta descriptions and heading tags were rewritten to optimise images across the website as well as the sitemap being regularly indexed.

Branding consistency was enforced across the website, including Favicon placement on each page and aesthetic enhancements made to increase visual appeal.
Organic social media campaign activity was also delivered on both Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to the website.


In just a short 5-month period of SEO marketing activity, delivery of the following results has been observed:

  • Organic traffic to the ITP Packaging website is up 197% compared to the previous 5 months
  • Increase in sales revenue is over 100% higher than in 2019
  • New users to the site have increased by 203% compared to previous 5 months
  • Increase in user sessions up 164% compared to previous 5 months
  • Site visits are 1,111% higher than the same 5-month period in 2019
  • Ranking at number 1 on Google for IBC Dust Covers
  • Ranking at number 1 on Google for Elasticated Dust Covers
  • Ranking at number 1 on Google for IBC Covers
  • Ranking at number 1 on Google for Drum liner with Google Snippet
  • Ranking at number 2 for round bottom drum liners, drum liners and IBC cover
  • Technical issues on the site corrected and speed and performance optimised having a direct impact on Google rankings
  • Due to the success of the campaign so far, ITP Packaging are now moving to a new 23,000 sq. ft premises to help them manage the increase in demand for their product.

The campaign was also shortlisted in the UK Search Awards 2020, for best low budget campaign of the year.

Next steps

Improvements in SEO and Google ranking are often delivered as part of a longer-term strategy, but the impressive results seen in only a short time period with ITP Packaging under difficult circumstances (Covid-19) demonstrate, that it is possible to see tangible results early on, if the right digital marketing and content strategy is in place.

Aqueous Digital will continue to work in collaboration with ITP Packaging to ensure that the performance and Google ranking of their website continues to improve further over-time. As a rapidly growing specialist SEO Agency, we are proud to be able to demonstrate a strong return on investment and add value to the overall business success of ITP Packaging.

“I am absolutely delighted with the digital marketing work Aqueous Digital has delivered. The SEO activity, content plan and overall marketing strategy has resulted in a significant boost in traffic to our website and demand for our products.

We are also ranking high on Google for common customer search terms and have seen an impressive increase in sales income of over 100% compared to last year.”

James Gwynne, Managing Director, ITP Packaging


increase in sales revenue


increase in organic traffic in 5 months


increase in new website users


UK Search Awards -Best Low Budget Campaign Finalist

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