Why searching for SEO Chester is not all it seems

Have you ever wondered why all the other search results that you are going to find for ‘SEO Chester’ say the same thing?

We know who they are, many of them personally. On the whole, they are wonderful people and no matter whether they are an SEO Consultant or an SEO Company in Chester, they will be telling you how wonderful they are and how they can definitely help you sort out your SEO.

Undoubtedly there will be promises of results, case studies of customers who they have worked with and even perhaps the offer of something ‘free’ like a website review.

So, why are you still not convinced? Why are you still looking?

The truth is that when everyone is saying the same thing, who can you believe? By what criteria should you be choosing a partner to work with on your SEO? Does it even make a difference who you choose?

Let’s see if we can bring a bit of clarity to these questions, by starting with how search works.

Why did you search for ‘SEO Chester’?

The chances are you are either looking for a provider or you are a competitor of ours (in which case hello!), but the reality is that this isn’t really a very well searched phrase on Google.

Search has evolved and honestly, adding the word Chester to the end of your search if you are based in or around Chester, is pointless. Google already knows where you are and probably, knows what you are looking for.

This is because the way search engines deliver their results is completely different from the way you think.

For example, do you know that the search you are doing now and the one someone does in the next street to you may bring back completely different results, even though you may both search for exactly the same thing?

So, if you search for SEO Chester and the business next door searches for SEO Chester then chances are the results will differ. Same applies for SEO Consultants or any other search term you can think of.

You might also find that the image on this page is in the ‘images’ search on Google for SEO Chester, not because it represents SEO in Chester but more because we’ve tagged it as such. It’s actually dinghy’s off the west coast of Barbados during Regatta week. Not the River Dee, but close?

SEO Chester

Why does Google think this represents ‘SEO Chester’?

How can there be different results for the same search?

The reason is quite simple. Search Engines these days don’t just serve you a result based on the words you type (or speak), they use a range of other variables.

For example, Google uses factors such as where you are located based on your IP address, your previous search history and whether you have visited a particular website before, how often you make the search, when you last made the search, and what device you are searching on to name a few.

On top of this, it can pull in additional information if you are logged into your Google account as it can see whether you have sent or received any emails from any of the web addresses which are in their search results, and if you have, it may choose to push that particular website higher in the results it shows you.

And if you use a Gmail account Google can and will read your emails to see if this page matches with something

So it matters which device I use to search for SEO in Chester?

Yes, it does. Google’s search results are often device-specific, so if you’re using a PC or an iMac it will take your IP address as the location. But with an Android tablet or mobile, you have to sign in to your Google account to use them, so it can often locate you exactly based on GPS coordinates.

If Google knows so much, do I still need to name the location in my search?

Actually Google is now assuming you won’t include that information. In October 2014 it released a change to its UK algorithm dubbed the ‘Pigeon’ update. This provided broad search queries with more locally based results.

Now, if you really want to confuse Google, try doing a search on your mobile whilst on a train. We tested this recently, searching simply for ‘cake shop’. Google returned a cake shop near our office, a couple in Oxfordshire, based on our location whilst on the train, and a couple in Liverpool and Manchester, based on where we had been in recent weeks.

So whilst searchers are inherently lazy (that’s you and me by the way, sorry about that) search engines will continue to try and find a way to get the result we are really looking for by using additional information to help them best guess our intent. Whatever device, location and search methodology, search engines need to figure out what you want, quickly.

Ironically though as they get better we get lazier and so when you’re looking for your local Solicitor, Accountant or Mercedes Dealer in Chester you no longer have to put in the word Chester, although it might help.

Try a search with and without the word ‘Chester’ and see how different the results look.

Does any of this matter?

We think so. When you understand the complexities of SEO, as we do, it doesn’t make sense to then offer world domination in two weeks for just £99. It’s a bit more strategic than that.

SEO is an art and a science, and it takes knowledge, creativity and commitment to appear on the first Google page for your chosen search terms.

We’ll get you there, but it’s a journey, not a sprint, and we’d be with you every step.

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