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Can Google ever really capture the local market?

Google has something of a problem on it’s hands; it doesn’t own the local market. Sure it’s made lots of noise over the years about doing so but the reality is that it is sadly lacking when it comes to local. In a blog written today on Huffington Post I have argued that when it comes to searching for local tradesmen Google simply doesn’t have the right results.


The problem isn’t likely to improve either as when you search for a local builder, roofer, plumber or any other tradesman the results are chock full of aggregators. Local firms don’t really stand a chance as they have neither the time, inclination or budget to go after them, nor in most cases the understanding.


When it comes down to it Google cannot do what something as simple as the ubiquitous Yellow Pages used to do and that is to list, in a simple fashion, all the local tradesmen in one place. A great many of these firms don’t even have a website, never mind one that could compete with the aggregators, much less any idea of how to put it together. In the ‘old days’ you could be assured of help from your local newspaper or directory rep who would always give you a steer on what worked but now, who is there to rely on?


If you’re struggling to make sense of the digital world then you need to seek professional help but unlike the reps of old, you’ll find that these days that help and advice comes at a price.

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